In the rich man’s world

I don’t want your money
I have no urge to steal
If only for a moment
you realise how I feel

Brought up in a ghetto
Parents killed before time
gangs all I have as relations
Inheritance not a dime

Leftovers for sustenance
held machetes, never a pen
Drugs carrier at five
Junkie at the age of ten

Hardened by daily beatings
Bullying is just for fun
betting my life everyday
roulette with loaded gun

Trading in crack, heroin
Thousands I do make
Wish I could cross thirty
before dumped in a lake

20140119-073908 pm.jpg

44 thoughts on “In the rich man’s world”

  1. An arresting image AB. Strangely flat and abstracted due to the blue, but you’ve pulled it off nicely imo.



      1. Actually, thinking about you piece… Would you mind if I did a photo manipulation of it ? The shallow depth, claustrophobic composition does appeal to me.


  2. So often we never know what led a person to be on their own path.. You have highlighted here AB those who are often unloved and who are alone….
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts into a window some would rather never look..


    1. Sue, thank you so much. Except for few, every human has a reason for his daily existence; criminals are not born, they are created by the society. Poverty is not a disease, it is a social condition billion people find themselves in.

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      1. I so agree.. Working as I have done with Disabled people, I have encountered such prejudices as people would cross the road rather than be near them.. So too have I seen the same with homeless people and those we term and tramps who only have the clothes they stand up in.. Often seen begging for money..
        If I see such a person, I do not give them money, I go buy them food and a soft drink… I have had more Thank you’s for this .. This way I know I am not substituting someones drink or drug habit.. How they got to the point is often a sad set of circumstances.. after observing people I wrote this poem..
        Lonely Young Man.. I would love your feed back.. πŸ™‚


      2. Sue, many thanks for your kind comment and contribution to this humble thought. I had a look at your heart wrenching poetry and prose. Lead me to respond to it quite emotionally. Thank you so much for sharing. Truly grateful.

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  3. It is so, so sad that many have comments about your photography other than the issues in your poem! It is a sad sad world, for people to have to be reduced to this kind of existence, but in reality we all know it happens – so so so so sad!

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    1. Actually there is a reason for that, I have just updated this post today. Previously it only contained the image and today I have added words to it hence lack of comments about them, apologies for the misunderstanding!


    1. Colours are just a distraction for the poor, ultimately no colourful depiction could hide the red blood which is used for satisfying the rich!! thinking of which, blood’s gore, one day, will tore, through and nothing will be left, just naked children in ruins looking for long dead elders!!

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  4. Check out my blog i just started. Username: lalalo83. An addicts odyssey through the land of nod. Im starting to write about my struggle with addiction for half my life


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