Words don’t mean anything
Narration went abruptly mute
soul was denied the truth
blatant lies uttered, none refute
True warriors broke slaved pens
their blood screamed, enemies rattle
redemption was near, felt closer
fortitude won emotions battle
20140404-110132 pm.jpg

51 thoughts on “Slaves”

    1. You are most welcome M-R, you know my views about that as well, so yes spreading the message is important more than anything else…


      1. Your platform is literature, whilst mine is simply emotion. Between the two of us, we might persuade someone, eh ?


  1. Oh, I love these elephants. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we moved to Jaipur for a short time, the first time I saw one walking down a busy street. I was so mesmerized by that. When I got up close enough to one, he decided to sneeze all over me. Yuck.


  2. Ah. Just clicked onto your page, looking at it in it’s entirety. I thought you were calling what looks like a braid on the side of its head a chain. Now seeing it’s an actual chain! *Sadness.*


  3. Glad I went over this picture today. Somehow I felt you were endorsing this cruelty so I didn’t respond with a like or comment. Today I read further. Now I realize you are just trying to show the absurdity of mankind. It makes me so sad to see this.


    1. Until we show it we won’t recognise it, until we recognise we won’t think about it, stopping is probably few stages after there is my logic to it…it is just the beginning…


  4. You know, they start to train elephants by chaining up the little ones. The babies try to escape, but eventually give up. Adult elephants would be strong enough to break free, but continue to believe in the power of the chains to hold them.


  5. Ohhhhh, I love Elephants. I saw a horrible thing on TV not too long ago about the harsh treatment one was receiving. Like beating it into submission. The look in its eyes was one of terror and deep pain.

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    1. Canned hunting is the most barbaric practice I recently read in cruelty chronicles; how could we be going so low on any scale of decency and civil society??


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