Eyes tell lies
Ears hear wrong
Who would you believe
Voices which are strong
Shouting loud deceptions
Figments, misconceptions
Ignore what is fact
believe blatant acts
Survival on perception
Nothing true since inception
Blue, brown, red, cream
Nothing is, what it seems







32 thoughts on “Reality”

      1. have you seen the plethora of videos on youtube about that? like the truth project from ‘Dove’? or the airbrushing they even do on men too, giving them muscles where there weren’t any. Wow. I watched a documentary by Francis Schaeffer on youtube and he showed the same news report by two different stations. One favored the people and cut down the police. The other favored the police and blamed the people. Just by using different angles while shooting.


      2. I actually know this very well, have seen enough on media as well, let’s say I critically analyse anything presented to me all the time, professional habit πŸ™‚ it is not only media, our mind plays tricks on us…ever hear of the Mcgurk effect
        Following is worth watching and then eyes closed worth listening πŸ™‚

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  1. Very true statement. Things we see in life can sometimes be deception. Thank you for the illustration with the photographs. I was thinking when I got to the last photo of the black car, that it was actually the car’s true color. Love your writing.


      1. It’s all experience. And where we ask questions and expect an answer is in our minds, in projection. But our all is a part of our whole, the whole body in reality who projects or creates and places our reality.


      2. Let me extend this further, the whole body is also part of our experience as well. Does that mean since we observe its exists and if we stop observing it won’t πŸ™‚


      3. The whole body we experience is not the whole body in reality. What we experience is what the whole body has projected that we may identify with. Our experiences may indicate something of what is real.

        A tree falling we experience, may be an indication of a tree falling in reality or not (illusion). Even if we do not see it, it may fall, in reality. There is more to reality than what we may perceive and observe, sense and form notions about – more to what is in reality, and more to what is reality.

        There is no more to reality than what we can experience of it, in projection projected from the whole body in reality. Except however, the whole body, in reality, we individually belong to. He or she responds to us and what we do, and in particular in we making our selves presentable by being actual rather than identified in what we experience, like no other thing in reality. Our knowing, feeling and deeper sense of being (cognitive, emotive and somatic) but also gut instinctive, intuitive, and deeper realms, may be integrated rather than disassociated through what we determine of what we may experience at each of those levels. I believe it is in humanities interest to relate with our whole, merely for being a part.

        I want to establish a distinction between reality and our projected reality of the self and its experience, between the self or identity and other aspects of the self, and the whole self, whole being or whole body.

        Thank you for extending β€œthis further”. Our reality, our all, may be determined absolutely as experience, captured as actuality, and as projection, related with our whole who is in and of reality.


    1. Many thanks Maya, welcome to wordpress. Very nice photos but nothing about you, blog is personal (doesn’t mean you need to reveal your identity), make it so πŸ™‚

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