Two passages
Decadence laden, greed boils
Excessive wealth, polished tiles
adorned faces, fancy smiles,
Destitution, broken street
Torn clothes, bodies weak
Poor masses, fate bleak
Inequality, I berate you
Inhumanity, I hate you
thinking through
my lavish travels

20140402-100819 am.jpg

20140402-100845 am.jpg

58 thoughts on “Hypocrite”

  1. incredible photos for your post and a very interesting poem which will take me a few readings to properly digest. i like the juxtaposition of the wealthy haves against the destitute have-nots, though.


    1. Many thanks for a very good comment, I hope the poem was not too difficult, I do sometimes condense thoughts in short poems.


  2. What a contrast eh. I have a friend that once told me he would never go on vacation in a third world country where the dividing line between the rich and the poor was so enormous. Rich tourists on one end and extreme poverty on the other.
    Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

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    1. In this case it is not the same country Srilanka compared to the UK, however that does not change the argument in my view…globally inequality is on the increase where apparently less than few hundred thousand richest people control wealth of more than 6 billion at the lower end…


      1. Unfortunately, true values are waning in our post-modern world, where the values of affluence and personal peace rule over all else. Really is sad.


  3. Il like your point of view, your 2 points. The question is : where is the limit between “wealthy” and “too wealthy”. Occidental european people often ignore that they are awfully wealthier, even the poorest, than the vast majority of the “world people”.
    Why proximity should leads to a greater guiltiness, or shame ? I can see how it does – consciousness – and that is good enough.
    Go further. Cookie ?
    Recent statistics lead me to feel a bit better : half less children dying in the world since1995, for example.

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    1. Many thanks for your comment and wish, we certainly need a better system, I am all for diversity and richness of global cultures, customs, different social setups and values but inequality doesn’t need to be this extreme to keep that working.

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  4. It is very thought provoking how you have juxtaposed the two ..”.greed boils amidst destitution” profound ! I am from Sri Lanka and we see all this so called ‘development’ going on … this particular building is an attempt to restore grand buildings of the past – commendable in its own right but when development is focused more on externals/infra-structure than on human development … then we are left destitute indeed in more ways than one.
    I love the way you have captured our isle thro your lens and words. Thank you for the insights there an in some other posts…..


    1. Many thanks for your kind words, I absolutely adore Srilanka; such a beautiful country, with absolutely amazing landscape and very friendly, welcoming people.

      The grand beautiful building you see is actually Ritz hotel in London and I have compared it to a narrow dilapidated street in Galle.

      Your point nevertheless is absolutely relevant, I have witnessed inequality in Srilanka and other third world countries and it is extreme as well.

      Thank you for the visit and your thought provoking comments. Much Appreciated.


      1. Amazing … British architecture replicated, ‘Ritz’ culture duplicated in little Sri Lanka.
        Glad the world is getting ‘smaller’, Sad the gap between rich and poor is getting wider.
        Keep up the posts that jolt us into reality.


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