What is love
Passion cove
What is hate
Emotions sate
What is fate
Destiny date
What is life
Flux and strife
What is affection
Resigned attention
What is desire
Something I admire
What is lust
Kissing must
What is strength
Patience at length
What is weak
A quick squeak
Friends, foes?
High and lows
What is work
Sitting dork
Or, Perhaps,
What is love
Burning stove
What is hate
Snakes crate
What is fate
God’s bait
What is life
Dissatisfaction rife
What is death
Poison dripped
Sword in sheath

20140403-023605 am.jpg

46 thoughts on “explicación”

    1. You are very kind my dear friend 🙂 I am indeed very pleased that you enjoyed and admired these simple most humble words. Sometimes we make too much effort explaining difficult matters, in those circumstances, perhaps we should let honest and simple heartfelt answers help us 🙂 beware those answers are never elegant or always rational 🙂


      1. Point noted AB.. I think we all know this but in those hard times we forget being simple..Atleast I do..But now I’ll make it a point not to do so and try finding the simple routes to any situation..Thanks again… 🙂


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