anger on nothing
hatred out of habit
lying a necessity
envy backstab it
materialistic cravings
life selfish cocoon
just keep forgetting
death coming soon

20140117-044200 pm.jpg

Life is an aimless symphony, a clueless cacophony, how will you perform it?

39 thoughts on “Azrael”

      1. I don’t know about my generosity Abozdar but I am definitely lazy. I have discovered your blog a bit too late but hope I will catch up soon 🙂

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  1. As a vegetarian because I won’t eat anything that was once a living creature, I salute you, AB ! I find the entrapment of helpless fish particularly revolting.


  2. Your words describe Azrael perfectly. Truly hit home as the word Azrael has particular meaning in my life. The fact that most comments surround your picture and I barely noticed it is quite amusing as well.


    1. Many thanks for your kind comments, and I am sorry to hear that Azrael has been near you, initially I did not post the poem, just the photo, hence many comments relate to the image.


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