42 thoughts on “Flow”

      1. And I am greatly enjoying the book – I should have said. It’s just super, the way it’s laid out with poetry and images. Also, the content ain’t to bad …
        [M-R ducks quickly]


  1. …In ciuda ploilor β˜‚ zambesc!…
    zambesc…pentru ca iubesc viata…
    si zambesc, pentru ca…
    pana la urma…e toamna… β™‘β—• β€Ώ β—•β™‘
    ☼…sa ai o seara frumoasa, cu ploi de iubire in suflet…

    Despite the rain β˜‚ smile! …
    smile … because I love life …
    and smile, because …
    after all … it’s fall … β™‘ β—• β€Ώ β—• β™‘
    ☼ … to have a nice evening with rain of love in heart


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