Stockholm – the snow hides away all its beauty

Probably the cleanest city in the Western Europe, beautiful people, amazing views, great art scene. Definitely require a visit if you haven’t been there, however I would go in summer. Even Swedes recommend that 🙂

20131205-032505 pm.jpg

20131205-032523 pm.jpg

20131205-032534 pm.jpg

20131208-034506 pm.jpg

50 thoughts on “Stockholm – the snow hides away all its beauty”

      1. Europe is cooler (other than southern part of Europe), compact, lots of history, beautiful architecture. Australia is large, beautiful beaches, warm and unpredictable. Completely different experience, both worth a visit…in their own time


  1. I was there last October and even wrote a thank you letter to it on my blog. One of the first cities I’ve been to and thought, ‘I could live here’. Welcoming and stunning. Wonderful photographs! 🙂


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