Rest without peace

Deserts, dunes,
oases opportune
dawn bearable,
too hot at noon
walk run, walk run,
repeat and repeat
keep dodging death,
every hidden defeat
boundaries pushed far,
endurance to extreme
walking on the water,
nothing is what it seems
rest is no option,
sleep standing a while
too far still to go,
body and mind’s toil
destination is known,
let courage keep calm
soul will find peace in
redemption sand stormIMG_0056.JPG

21 thoughts on “Rest without peace”

      1. LOL that was funny! It totally was without incident! That is very important! I’ll finish up today! I take care of my own yard so keeps me busy. Yard therapy is the best! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow I would love that! I think I’m much too serious. Even though I’m quite funny, I tend to work too much and am way too serious! 🙂 I need to change that!


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