Build up

brick upon brick
foundation being laid
moments are in hand
destiny being delayed
right now what matters
forget future pain
today is very wise
tomorrow so insane

26 thoughts on “Build up”

    1. Thank you so much MM, good to get this burst of comments from you, very enjoyable and cherished by the humble recipient 🙂


      1. “Burst” it is that way. You popped into my head so I came to visit before my brain moved on to something else. I’m trying to do things as I think of them because after that it goes bye bye! ✿

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      2. Always you are a wonderful photographer. I was thinking of you when I am looking for cover shots. Do you ever photograph the oil refineries? I’ll drop you a quick email. It’s hard to get my editors to move into something new! 😀


  1. Interesting piece you have written!


    Life upon life, the
    human-race is now being made…
    Damn religion thankfulness
    they’ve delayed…
    Rightnow the only thing
    which matters,
    seeing that any religion
    truthfully shatters…,.


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