The king is dead

Separation, identity
Nationhood vanity
Crisis out of nothing
Rich kids plaything
Moronic disputes
Rumours no news
Politicians greed
Corrupt to feed
More more power
Bequeath dower
there is no end
Good lie, can you lend
Who want to use it
Emotionally abuse it
Senseless tact
An absolutely
Wasteful act
Negativity assailed
Sense prevailed
Earth needs unity
Not this insanity

19 thoughts on “The king is dead”

    1. Many thanks Sue 🙂 I am pretty much against all notions of patriotism and ethnic puritanical groups unless it is for cultural diversity and enrichment 🙂


  1. Nice one, and you got it your way at the end. And us Spaniards are quite happy about it since we have at least 3 provinces that are also seeking the separation from Spain, so if Scotland went it would have given these 3 provinces in Spain would give them more leverage.

    So the U.Kingdom still stands strong. At least stronger than if Scotland went that is.


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