Another year Another Goal

Tide is turning
Life is churning
We are learning

Bit by bit
Cut by cut
Hit by hit

Hope enjoying
Forward looking

Serene and low
Ebb and flow

Have the courage
then Revolutions

Ambitious goals
Self improvement
Cleansing souls

Another year
So on and on
Time and tide
Would go on

Happy Holidays and Happy New year to all πŸ™‚

20131222-072742 am.jpg

39 thoughts on “Another year Another Goal”

      1. 😍😒☺Thank you.Means alot!☺Best prayer ever!!!And I am not saying anything good about you to you again because that would seem flattery and I genuinely respect you and think well of you so…

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      1. Well, what you think I have done with all my money! Lottery, personal wealth, inheritance, blood money, drugs money, even all funny money πŸ˜€ I have two rooms full of such lanterns!!

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