What is real, what is fact
All seems to be an act
real ones try to fake it
minting wealth, rake it
world doesn’t value truth
reality never be smooth
Birds shouldn’t have any brains
Blondes, mallards, cranes
media, views insane
thousand million fans
collect more, act inane,
Prodigious sharp minds wasted
thinking about how food tasted
forgetting what is crumbling
atmosphere, water resources humbling
who will solve world’s misery
truth tellers handled derisory
mocked and kicked in the teeth
killed, laid with ordinary wreaths
earth soul screams and cries
to see how sapiens destroy
dejected me you don’t see now
all left is a happy ruse, decoy!!

20140315-075800 pm.jpg

25 thoughts on “Decoy”

  1. A DUCK !!!! – did I tell you that I simply ADORE ducks? Although I love almost all birds, for reasons unknown ducks hold a really deep place in this hard old heart. A particularly fine shot of one, as well ! Ta ever so, AB !


      1. Thanks – your poem was good too but most people commenting just seem to like the duck more LOL πŸ™‚


  2. i think that this is one the finest pieces you’ve written.

    dare i say the word? wull …. in MY opinion this piece is brilliant … because it shines! it’s beautiful. it evokes clear pictures but at the same time the words explain deep concern about the the planet … the health of this place we live on that to me … is alive. and there’s passion in there too. passion in the name of concern which translates directly to caring and to love … . really nice … a passion for love ..

    and thank you so much for being a loyal friend … it lets me think that maybe i have done something good. the fact that you keep coming back.

    so, that’s all i got to say about that .. !!! now … on to the next, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KS it is my utmost pleasure to read your beautiful words. I am most humbled by your wonderful and thoughtful description of my most ordinary scribbles. Extremely grateful!


  3. Our culture thrives on daily decoys….but thankfully, so many are awakening to the true heart of the matter. When we see each other as ONE, how could we wish any less than peace, love, and joy for all? I love the passion you put into this poem. It’s a great reminder of our greatest illusion.


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