All in one basket…and broken

Love, trust and belonging
Can not help you for longing
all or nothing is the equation
win or lose is the situation
no middle ground is known
mercy is never never shown
That last single step was wrong
else was perfect, heart strong
Can’t keep it like this for long
giving life away for a song
if it is love why such rules
you take me for a simpleton, fool
each conversation is an exam
throwing toys out of the pram
You do as you deem fit
all is broken, I admit

20140316-073914 pm.jpg

19 thoughts on “All in one basket…and broken”

  1. Reblogged this on inlovelustandlaughter and commented:
    We just got back from our 45-minute-each-way run to buy eggs from the woman whose whole family we’ve come to know and like very much. She keeps goats, turkeys, a llama, an alpaca, angora rabbits and many other creatures in addition to the chickens that run all over the place. She gives us all the poo we want for our gardens when we come to buy our eggs, so it’s well worth the drive. Besides, we also get to see the baby goats this time of year, with their sweet, soft faces, and let them nibble at our fingers.

    If people understood the money, work and gentle care that goes into producing high-quality eggs, they would never complain about what they cost. I understand that not everyone has the luxury of being able to pay the price, but for us, it’s part of the reason we work hard at growing lots of our own food…so we CAN buy her eggs.


    1. lovely photo, we have 3 ducks and I love the treat of a poached duck egg or two, especially at this time of year served on top of steamed home grown purple sprouting broccoli spears.


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