Anthem of the oppressed

‘Chin up, fire in our eyes
Drumbeat of hearts
Roars of the lion
Here we go’

We are here, we are here
We are so bloody here
Do you hear
Do you hear
Do you hear
Do you really really hear
our call for a battle
armed with pens
we advance to our homeland
Your heart will rattle
Yes, go ahead
Go ahead and ahead
Take out guns
On brave daughters
soil sons
Not a single soul will run
towards you only
How many will you kill?
We are here, we are here
We are so bloody here
How many will you kill?
Graves will fill
Blood will spill
We keep coming still
Determined we are
Abomination we are
To you and your clan
Dust and ashes
Your best laid plan
To rule on our graves
You haven’t seen our braves
You won’t go far
will hunt you down
with our quills
They do kill,
They do kill
Do you hear
We are here, we are here
We are so bloody here,
Do you hear
Our mighty,
mighty quills,
They do kill,
your Ignorance
and of this world
Soon dawn arrives
Humanity survives
Air will clear
We will steer
Path to redemption
You will be
No way near
Do you hear
We are here, we are here
We are so bloody here
Do you hear

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78 thoughts on “Anthem of the oppressed”

    1. It is my utmost pleasure to write and use my pen for all oppressed of this world, economic oppression as well physical oppression!


      1. And many thanks for the reminder. It is my habit to think of something useful and then forget it almost immediately. Sighh …


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  2. Hi, I am the Jouena M.R. from above is referring to : ) your hymn is most impressive! Power, determination, courage – i dont think there could be a better hymn for our Ukrainian revolution. It makes one stand up and fight! Sorry our people in Crimea did not hear it out loud on every corner, the outcome might have been quite different. Thank you!


    1. Hi Jouena, it is my utmost pleasure meeting you. I hope, wish and pray for peace and calm in your country and success of your revolution. Persistence of masses will make any tyrant to go away sooner or later; you have done it before and I pray that you will do it again! Liberty, we seek you and will get you one day.


  3. A silent scream
    Fingers type a roaring scene
    A fervor to demolish
    those who want to diminish right
    Fight for Rights πŸ™‚
    Hold the light..You are here
    Stay..and kill
    Those who suppressed your free will


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