Thrill seekers

Are you ready for a thriller,
Whodunit mysterious killer,
Sob through misery,
Dance desirously,
Have a knack for passion
Perhaps an eye for fashion
Come and play with us
Lyrics are known
Bodies are shown
Ready for romance,
Perhaps for a moment or so,
Shops are set,
Dry nights or wet,
Entertainments abound
Deafening sounds
By the time it’s early morn
Best friends become enemy sworn
This is where all happens
Smooth sailing trappings
Dreams are made overnight
Hazy ruined foresight
Come play with us Sunny
all we want is your money
Then shutters!

20140323-071835 am.jpg

42 thoughts on “Thrill seekers”

  1. You’re now on a philosophical jag, and I like that better than the lovelorn one. πŸ™‚ MUCH !
    Entertainments abound, eh ? – so that Sonny can play ?
    Some really good stuff there, AB …


    1. I understand your preference loud and clear M R, my heart always have other plans πŸ™‚ the nick name is of someone I know πŸ™‚


  2. Very good poem. About the picture: it’s interesting how those beautiful buildings became billboards for ads…


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