41 thoughts on “She is cross with me :-)”

    1. I think you got it but just in case, there is a cross in front of her 🙂 I was going to call it ‘my crucifixion’ but then that might have been too much for some of my religious friends 🙂

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      1. LOL. Yes, I understood. Actually, when I started my comment, “You think she looks cross?” I hadn’t noticed the cross yet. It was only right after I wrote it. That’s why the second part of the comment says, “I get it.” Kind of like an, “Ohhhh, ok, no I get it.” Really awesome pic too.


  1. Sighh … another of your image-play (as opposed to word-play) jokes. Actually, it’s quite witty. Well-noticed, anyway, AB. Don’t think much of the artificial nails, but. 😉


      1. You’re an awful man sometimes. And you will distress your long train of adoring female followers if you write things like that ! 😀


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