It only takes a minute
for Bishop to enter the church
to say your vows
forgetting old rows
to call for forgiveness
to repent, and dent
that aloof stance
that all is nothing
I am the only thing
In town, don’t frown
Truth is hard, get up, go
And show, there is still some
humility, decency, humble currency
left, otherwise soon you retire, expire
so will your acts, tacts,
No few second memories
Just void, devoid of smile
as soon as beep goes flat


6 thoughts on “Memories”

    1. Well there are few things I have used from the photo, if you look at full size photo you will see at the right Graffiti bro is complaining that KC ‘it takes only a minute girl’, suggesting someone being aloof, then Bishop & Sons on the left are showing us a church in the middle so the photos was telling us a story and I just relayed it to you, perhaps not in the best way possible, but certainly tried 🙂

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