I am a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jew
I am a Christian, Bhuddist, Pagan and few
I can be Sunni, Shia, Sufi too
Cathholic, Protestant can be true
I am what I am, what I will be
placed in my coffin people will see
from all the religions I just call
I am a Human above all

20140318-065726 am.jpg

67 thoughts on “Fanatic”

  1. they are wherever those would claim dominion over others based on faith – it is a sad indictment of this world that there are so many in this time and place.


  2. According to some … um … ‘faiths’ you mention, you have your priorities wrong, AB. If everyone could aspire to being human first of all, how wonderful a world it might be.


    1. M R the way currently religion is being practiced in extreme is absolutely mind boggling hindus forgot humility, muslims peace, jews oppression, Christians choice, just want everyone to obey their version otherwise it is discrimination, pogroms, slavery or death.

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      1. Of course you’re right. Which is why I’m an aetheist and have been since my very early 20s. Now, THAT’s a long time. [grin]


  3. Perfectly Said.
    I always teach my children that what they should be seeking is a Relationship with their creator…not a religion.
    That they should love themselves based upon their unique gifts and talents, not on how well they performed in some religion.
    Thanks for this poem.

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  4. Je suis entiΓ¨rement d’accord ! Pour notre enveloppe, nous sommes tout Γ©gaux humain.
    Malheureusement, l’ humain est un trΓ¨s grand prΓ©dateur et se sert de la religion pour dΓ©truire, c’est semblable !


    1. Thank you for referring me to the wonderful post, beautiful description of all religions, grateful for your visit to my humble blog πŸ™‚


  5. Wow. Thanks for sharing this powerful poem. I enjoyed reading it… and I can’t help but comment on your tag: “DeathTheUltimateReality,RestIsJustBitOfFunAndGames”…
    Death really is the ultimate reality and that is one of the reasons I had to search for meaning beyond this life. I just wasn’t satisfied with the idea that this life was it… It caused much anxiety in me. Anyways, I want to encourage you to seek out all of those faiths you mention in your poem (and it sounds like you might have already)… but even more so, I think we are to open our hearts and ask our Creator for some guidance because studying faiths academically is different than opening our hearts to the truth… which I believe, has to do with our humanity and the ultimate love for it. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for sharing. It sparked many thoughts in my head πŸ™‚


    1. Aha, so you did end up reading my inane tags πŸ™‚ I normally end up writing some insanity there πŸ™‚ thank you so much for such wonderful thoughts, I am a content person and I do have faith and believe in afterlife πŸ™‚ however that does not stop me from expressing my thoughts beyond what any of the mentioned philosophies of life teach πŸ™‚


  6. Hope that works out for you..I myself had an ” anything goes ” it doesn’t matter type mindset ..until someone shared one simple verse with me ..John 14:6…I scoffed and all that jazz..but inside I never could get past it and needed to find out for myself if it really was true and if my eternal position really would be affected by what I chose to believe…


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