War games

warships, prepare!
let battalions through
I feel like invading
a country or two
dubious purpose,
national vices
human suffering
energy crisis
flick of a switch
murdering all
whatever season
summer or fall
a bomb doesn’t know
muslim or jew,
children like animals
butchered, being slew
bullets sprayed
nothing left
hearts crushed
dignity theft
thousand places
war rages on
Noble prize winners
Joke is on
Masters of fate
you ever been cut?
Thrown out of homes
left in a rut
siblings, offspring
dies in front
alive humans
barbecued, burnt
too much pain
we are through
And this is just a
game for you!!!

24 thoughts on “War games”

  1. My Dear AB, good thoughts. At first I had just thought: How wonderful, in the olden days it was home-made, wooden boats. Not such beautifully designed ones. …Paying attention to the poetry, I noticed their colouring… military ones.

    For the children, it is all Games. But for certain adults, War mongers, it is ‘Fun and Games.’ Sad world.


    1. Yes Swami, and each time it seems there is always a ‘justifiable’ reason for doing so…humans always find a way to destroy progress…


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