Never fly solo

He cried and cried
With no avail
Pushing and pumping
her heart which failed
Unlit eyes telling what he will miss
Her passionate kisses and
how she will insist
Keeping life afloat
when he was not sure
Searing heartache commenced
he couldn’t bear more
Solitary colourless life
it could not endure
Both died in the cancer ward that night

20140316-035148 pm.jpg

44 thoughts on “Never fly solo”

  1. Oh my AB, so sad. Is this coming from personal experience?
    Sadly so, death is the destiny of all. And all love and all suffer.
    Melancholic thoughts right now.


    1. Just a sad verse instigated it and I wrote this based on a memory of a person who passed away some time back . Thank you Staci for your concern dear friend.


    1. Thank you for your comment, yes the end is the end…that none can bend…no substitute can be send…time not to lend…the end is the end


    1. I haven’t, yes the intention here to be fatally romantic! We will all die one day, better if it is the same day with love of your life in old age 🙂


  2. Oh, how painfully beautiful and moving. I am going to write the line “Keeping life afloat” on the front of my journal- stunning. Thank you again for the inspiration AB!


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