Fires breathing dragons
welcome my presence
I am declared
the lord of broken souls
hearts I crushed
are heavens bound
Were, are or will be
Devil came himself
to grant me my throne
This beast will
live all alone
Hell is very welcoming

20140317-035316 am.jpg

38 thoughts on “Gates”

  1. Burning burning bodies and bricks
    In hell its all about crackling and screams
    doesn’t help to have any company
    My body burns and I melt down like ice cream
    But..its fantasy to imagine or tell

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful response

      Horrible, gruesome place for all,
      Do better deeds and never fall
      I have alas, gruesome demons inside
      crushing hearts, souls, all I do
      Hell is my place, it is true


      1. Removing them is not a deed
        I am afraid
        Innate demons can’t remove
        Only when you die
        They die with you
        And I wait


  2. I am awarding you the β€œDragon Loyalty Award” and the β€œI’m NOT Featured on Freshly Pressed Award”. No obligation to accept, but if you’re interested, have a look at this post which provides the details of the award. Congratulations!


  3. I feel it all…this beast inside of us is sometimes a little too much, but I believe that I can be stronger than her, so I keep on fighting! Big hugs, Delvi.


  4. Hell is very welcoming on its own
    just by looking at societies role
    sculpted into every mold


    To every newborn
    skilled into corporate fallacy
    not french but turned onto all of we


    Smile merci
    cause they’ve gotten my future,past
    & all of me
    the internet to some is demonic in its reality

    Thanks for the poem…i really enjoyed it!

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