Without hope

Can we cope,
humanity’s panacea,
Soul’s pride,
heart’s ride,
Without, sweet Hope
Darkness will fall
Humanity won’t last
No one will know
how to end or to start,
Days will be long
Misery prolongs
Noons with no light
No end in sight
Falling down, no rope
Can we survive,
without hope
Depression abundantly kills
Sadness grills and grills
Sorrow refuses to leave
No faith, no believe,
Downhill life,
slippery slope
Will we ever arrive,
without hope
No furtherance in science
No trust, no reliance
Humanity without smiles
Just cries and riles
Anguish steadfastly gropes
happiness elopes,
without hope,
There is no hope

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37 thoughts on “Without hope”

      1. AB ! You must stop carrying on as if I’m some kind of … erhmm … person who KNOWS, she finished weakly. What I’m doing is offering my opinion, that’s the sum total of it. The only time I feel empowered to advise is in the very occasional example of … ahh … word sub. I worry about your believing there is more clout to my opinion than actually exists! [M.R. bites lip in anxiety, then swears …] 😉


      2. It is not about clout M R, more like honest opinion 🙂 ultimately I will write what I am capable of, and there is no way I can read my words objectively so I look for some good constructive criticism or appreciation 🙂


      3. Cool. I think you’ve tried to tell me that about 20 times already; but I continue to feel anxious.
        Time to bong myself on the head with a meat-cleaver (only the back of it !) and accept what you say.
        We shall see how long it takes before I start on the same old whinge again, eh? 😉


  1. nicely done….we seem to carry a little wind with each other. I will say though, yours seems to be a smoother laid out quilt than some of the pieces I’ve brought to the forefront.


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