Purpose is lost
Hidden traps all ready to devour
Leftovers of shredded passion
Compassion has no warmth
Treason of soul, heart’s mutiny
Tears litany, eyes stole
Fate left, empty goal
Barren surface, dry lips
Waiting, wanting Cyanide sip,
Drip, drip, tears leaving unlit eyes
Blind, deaf and dumb
Can’t say, don’t hear
Life’s hum,
Breathing collapses
in a countdown
Minus zero to one
Darkness won,
Life lapses

20140315-083833 am.jpg

20140315-084531 am.jpg

34 thoughts on “Wandering”

    1. You are too kind to call them that vast, mine are just a small tear drop. May I know how to pronounce your name correctly, thank you AB


  1. HΓ© toi! – tu parles franΓ§ais? Pourquoi tu n’as jamais me dire? N’importe …
    The poem I like VERY much. But your totally unexpected vertically flopped image nearly made me fall off my chair. Salaud! πŸ˜‰


    1. I am not that good M R, I just get by with my 6 levels of basic French at an Institute few years ago. The reason for the upside down image was to show mind wandering doing strange things πŸ™‚


      1. I dunno, AB – I don’t honestly think the images are all that important. If one evokes the spirit of the poem, so much the better. But I believe strongly that if you can’t find one to do that, don’t use one – just a generic in the header.


      1. Dont worry too much, live and love your life, each moment is youngest you will ever be, so enjoy πŸ™‚ forget about dates πŸ™‚


  2. I found my mind was actively busy seeking inversions to each line of this poem. It must be quite good to make me want to turn it around. Then to see the image inverted I felt more justified in my search for inversions of meaning in the lines. Poem well don. Thanks for sharing.

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