The beat restarts
Flicker on the screen
Hope of life rekindles
in darkness so deep
The person you see
That person doesn’t weep
After million cuts of sorrow
Injuries so steep
He has to hold his heart
Caress it to sleep
to hide unstoppable
salty water

20140314-095811 am.jpg

63 thoughts on “Salt”

      1. Good day AD, it is always good to speak to a brilliant poet in good English, otherwise my poetic licence may be revoked by creativity gods. 🙂


  1. Something’s happening here, and I’m finding it a bit difficult to describe, AB … It’s as if you’ve been holding onto a great big file of these poems, arranged in order of excellence, and are feeding them to us one by one. In other words, you seem to me to be progressing with each one …


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