Sun rises, day warms
warmth turns to scorching heat
Shades, cooler climes, for lucky few
Rest toil, digging soil, human stew
Body melts, soul shivers
Sweat flows like a river
fixing rust buckets at noon
Why the day doesn’t end soon
Unforgiving Helios prolongs stay
Some of us will die today

20140313-040536 pm.jpg

64 thoughts on “Hardship”

    1. Many thanks, really appreciate the feedback. The intention was to show the hardship and very difficult weather conditions so colours very much toned down. Sun and heat made the unedited image quite vivid.


      1. Not really, but you should try various filters, colour pallets, effects, HDR, structural details, sharpness etc and you will find your image πŸ™‚ each photo is different so unfortunately I don’t have a formula, I hope that is ok.


  1. That’s so cool how you make these pictures look so surreal. I especially like this one AB. And great poem too, showing the reality of the life of a construction worker. Especially one working in a hot climate.


    1. Thank you Staci, yes the reality is very cruel. I am sure you are aware of current issues of construction workers in Brazil and in Qatar. Lots of deaths, unnecessary, in my humble views. All in the name of progress.


      1. In Qatar too. Hmmmmm. There has also been instances of kids falling from buildings because the protective net has failed to sustain them. Whether it was because of unprofessional installation or just not quality material, I’m not sure.


      2. Do a news search on Qatar construction deaths, it happens in the whole Middle East, third world countries labour work in 50 degrees heat…just too much…another construction boom another wasteful year of deaths….


  2. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DESCRIBE THIS KIND OF SHOT ! – and I cannot. I mean the technical aspects of it, not its subject.
    Apropos of which … what are they doing?
    You poets steal anyone’s bread from between their lips for your material!


    1. They are currently putting up a scaffolding for later construction and welding. I apologise for all poets, the purpose is not to take someone’s bread but more to highlight the predicament of human conditions (and this is not the most appropriate shot for it) in construction industry in most of the world and unnecessary deaths of workers in hot weather…I am sorry M R if that did not come across.


      1. Really? – more deaths in hot weather? Horrible. Probably because the men don’t get enough sleep at night …
        Here it’s mostly stupidity that kills workers – rarely their equipment. We have legislation up to the armpit, but they ignore things like the right protection and the right safety measures. And in a country having its hottest times in recorded memory, I haven’t heard of there being more deaths in the construction industry because of it.
        All very mundane in regard to poetry. Sorry …


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