Most wonderful creation,
of gods, nature
Believe what you can
beauty in chain
Raise a shallow voice
It is suffice?
For the suffering,
that pain
Then I call it art
Do I really have a heart!!?

20140217-033128 pm.jpg

110 thoughts on “Apathy”

      1. I agree, images and suffering should be highlighted in the hope that it can be prevented from happening again, if people are not aware then this will never happen but you will see I could not press the like button


      2. It is perfectly fine, these buttons are not important, what is important is that people read and think about this so thank you so much for your thoughts, appreciate the time and intellect.


  1. I actually can’t click ‘Like’ AB … The image is so barren of joy. So great and glorious a creature, sentenced to a life of service and taken completely for granted as a kind of tool.


    1. Thank you M R, it is good to have your comment, who cares about the button, it is just a mere indication that you came, you saw and you thought, and your comment is much better. It is quite sad, but I have posted this here to keep this into our combined conscience.


  2. This photo and your words bring tears to my eyes. 😦
    To chain or mistreat such a majestic wonderful intelligent sweet creature is so very very sad. 😦
    I have such respect for elephants…they are such hard workers, so compassionate, and so loving.
    Thank you for reminding us to get involved and make sure such treatment stops in our lifetime.


      1. There is one poem I wrote about humans killing each other after I heard about a massacre of innocent, I just don’t have the heart to post that here, but it is really extremely sad and mad what humans do to each other let alone animals.


  3. This is such a sad but powerful image. It carries the message that we should not stand idly by and do nothing. I’m doing something by reblogging in the hope of raising awareness.


  4. Reblogged this on booknvolume and commented:
    I entirely agree with Carol who said: “This is such a sad but powerful image. It carries the message that we should not stand idly by and do nothing.” I too am “doing something by reblogging in the hope of raising awareness”


    1. Amanda, recent events around tells me that we humans are capable of unspeakable atrocities is this age of enlightenment. Butchering fellow beings even kids, killing in the name of religion, millions in landlocked refugee jails and occupied towns, beheadings, burnt alive, killing for ivory, burning forests for few pennies gain and so on. There seems to be no boundaries to our cruelty! Sad and certainly heartbreaking!


      1. This is true! I have stopped watching the news, purely because I can’t bear to see these awful things happening around us! I know they are happening, but I find some of the unthinkable acts too saddening. It’s very much out of our hands and consequently, we feel helpless! The world can be a frightening place sometimes. My husband is a humanitarian worker and sees it first hand. I don’t know how he does it! 😦

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      2. Our power to have selective perception help us and our will to have hope and life will change it one day, perhaps not in our life time but I certainly hope by end of this century!

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