Is life hard
Or we make it so
Trying to comprehend
a meaning, when there is none
Would be it easier if thoughts went away
replaced with merriment, joy and sun
Would we feel any worse than today
If breathing was the goal
Search is over, no one is pondering
definitions required for our role
Happenings, emotions, truths and lies
Take them what they are
Apologies, felicitations not required
Relations none, near or far
Fulfilment attained with no complications
by walking on the beach or recreation
Would it be life or just existence sole
Does it make any difference,
if humanity had no soul?

20140312-094318 am.jpg

70 thoughts on “Pensive”

  1. So fine, your “pensive”!
    Thoughts appear and disappear, like stars in the sky.
    They can brighten it, but do not alter … he will always be “heaven”, quite pure and untouched.
    So thoughts can seemingly make life more difficult …. but wherein life happens … always remains safe and sound and untouched and beyond all thought is silence, and that’s what you are.
    Excuse my many words, your “Pensive” has inspired me
    What I want to say is thank you for your words and pictures
    Greetings from Vera


    1. This is beautiful Vera, I am so pleased that my humble words made a little difference…I suggest you create a painting to go with these words of universe, you and him πŸ™‚


  2. I think it would make a huge difference if humanity had no soul. The human soul longs for meaning and purpose. It’s what separates us from all other living things. Thanks for a pensive poem AB.


  3. Beautifully written. What is a soul, to you? I believe what you stated in the poem, not having those things- goals to reach, relations…. would make a difference in humanity’s happiness on the whole. Singularly it would benefit a few, but for most be a downslide. Enjoying your writing immensely.


  4. You just put it all into words..The best part about your poetry this one in particular is that if some one gave a voice to my thoughts(and that voice too being more melodious than the one I assign to it) ☺God Bless you!

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      1. Well it is metrical,your words flow more freely than mine so that is what I meant by melodious..And I dont necessarily have to compare and grade everything I read into more profound and less profound😊You are humble but your words aren’t.😁

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  5. Humanity without a soul… it will make a big difference 😦 meanwhile we are just distracted, still have a soul and remember while walking by the beach πŸ™‚ Lovely write


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