Night is young

Night is young
Move slowly
Sinking in
All that is around
Birds returning home
Herds returning home
Maddening crowds
Pushing and shoving
Passing each other
Just to get in a queue
Waiting for the carriage
arrivals delayed
Messages relayed
Don’t worry
it will pass
Calmness returns
In due course
Join the discourse
Of heavens, universe
And you and I
Hand and hand
Walk on the boulevard
Of life
In the deep evening light
Kiss me sometimes

20140312-013104 am.jpg

57 thoughts on “Night is young”

      1. Just thinking…sometimes all it takes is a kiss to erase the chaos of the day…and just a kiss can be the beginning of a wonderful night.
        Sorry that I’m sighing all over your blog!

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    1. So well said πŸ™‚ Beauiful, AB! My thought connection would be birds, heard them yesterday night and was thinking of them for some time while heading home, then the comfort and smile this piece brings hence the gentleness of the speaker πŸ™‚

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