Spiked AA :-)

Crazy idea alert, think Frank Sinatra style…his voice is in my head 🙂

Hey Bartender,
put one more in
I am in the mood
I want to dance
Take my chance
Flash romance
Really wish to sin
Hey sweet Bartender,
Please, put one more in

Whiskey could work
Scotch I slurp
Vodka, gin
Hey Bartender,
put one more in

Hey Bartender,
True bystander
Great pretender
Passion lender
Heaven sender
Would you please
Just squeeze,
In a breeze,
put one more in

I know, I know
I know, I know
I know, hours are up
Matey, put ten in a cup
I beg you, with a grin
Hey Baartenderrrr
Put, would you,
Put, could you,
Put, should you,
One more innnnnnnnnnn
One more innnnnnnnnnn
One more innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Bum bubumm bubumm
Dhan dhan
Thank you ladies and gentlemen
Time for a hangover now 🙂

20140311-101738 am.jpg

61 thoughts on “Spiked AA :-)”

      1. Awwww it did cheer us up and hope you are out of the gloom and feeling better and smiling your warm beautiful smile now 🙂 love and hugsssss AB…


      2. I am always feeling better, just sometimes my heart tells me to write gloomy heart wrenching crying odes 🙂 lots of hugs Neeta for being so kind and your concerns 🙂


  1. I would hate to say to my kids “I met mummy at the pub while drunk off of our brains, then we got married” . Alcohol is a drug. Let’s not mince words here. One sip is considered drunk in my language. Because it’s not sober. It’s not 100% free of it. Loose mouths say whatever. Hurtful things that you can’t take back. They last 4ever. More crimes are committed while on booze than most would care to accept. Not just heinous crimes, but those little episodes we encounter daily, after work and in front of our kids and loved ones. I loved that poem. It describes my mad, mad mates to the core. Thanks


    1. Thank you for your take on this…yes being part of AA is no joke. I hope your friends understand dangers of too much drinking, it does ruin lives from drunk driving to serious injuries and violence.


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