Food for millions, just thousands feed
This, this and that, endless greed
simpleton animals, only eat what they need
listen and observe, advice you should heed
Sapiens, oh supreme beings, take the lead
Stop immense wastage, nature’s bleed
seed by seed, nurture Mother Earth.20140731-082753-30473113.jpg

33 thoughts on “Sustenance”

      1. Yes all is extremely well.โ˜บJust a lot to do nowadays academically that I hardly ever get time to read your delightful work…Thank you for sharing the glorious thought attired in beautiful words..Pleasure reading themโ˜บ

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      2. May you conquer seasons all
        leaves, roses, summer, fall
        heart is captured by a prince beau
        Your writings great sensation new
        world truly adores, your style your look
        Zillion copies sold, every new book


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      3. Heartwarming this one here.

        May you be happy in spreading joy
        May no sorrow ever with your heart toy
        May the good you have ever receive good
        Mat you on world’s flaws shed light:brood
        May all you wish for fall in your feet
        May you never come across deceit
        May your soul remain untarnished
        May all that worries you vanishes

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      4. I sincerely hope all is well on your end as well.Loads of prayers.Though not necessary to write them here right?They are sent where they are supposed to be wishes for all that you do..

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      5. Wow! I will quote that In A few years InshaAllah when you are famous and say That’s MY friend and he said these wise words


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