Faces hide multiple layers of truth and falsehoods
Amusement, engagement, estrangement
Downright disassociation with life
yet, laughter, love, life and living
are embedded in our fabric
Ignore hatred, cleanly put your layers
Imperfection scares, even your dearest
Runs away, real ones stay, they don’t mind the pain
of tunnelling emotions

20140309-061943 pm.jpg

24 thoughts on “Layers”

  1. Writing superb as ever. Interesting point – to me at least – my office used to overlook this very view. That was a long time ago! By the way the shot makes the view much better than it was from my window!


      1. πŸ™‚ of course, natural manure makes it quite a fertile ground for creativity πŸ™‚ why you think all media houses are in the west end πŸ™‚ either that or they are….:-)


  2. I love this, AB. I’m so thankful for your insight and the joy I receive from reading your words.

    Measurable nay
    Not with faces of truth
    The hold of a hand
    The breath we hear
    Even when one is not near
    Propels humans
    Towards light
    And love
    Beyond all doubts
    Without truth
    Without loyal faces
    We are wanderers
    Digging at possibilities
    Wanting for more
    Yet stop
    And listen
    Allows our mind to see how
    We’re unknowingly lead
    Towards peace
    By each other


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