Caves were our abodes
Horses were our rides
Languages nowhere
Religions not in sight

Those were better times
Humanity was strong
While we were savages
No colours were right or wrong

There were no ethnic cleansing
Brother didn’t hate brother
While we hunted animals
Sapiens didn’t kill each other

20140111-013814 am.jpg

48 thoughts on “Neanderthals”

    1. Both, Norma. As you and your planets brightest and smartest continue to master the universal foundations of what makes this planet and the Earthlings operate, we (as the global city that we are) WILL FOREVER strive to keep the money-making actions number 1, while we shit and shat on the divine actions and characteristics of what MAKES this planet what it truly is, for the satisfying unit of cooperation within the solar system within the human spirit.

      Naw F**K that, we have no time for ‘peace’ when we want to continue this legacy of separation and division within the planet we cannot escape.

      Welcome to Post-Neanderthalism.


    1. Thank for sharing your comment, indeed the senseless wars and killing make my heart cry tears of blood and each tear pray of hundred and thousand of souls whose life is ending prematurely because another human (if we can call them as such) pressed that button on a killing machine, be it a gun, a machine gun, a killer jet’s missile, a submarine’s torpedo etc. Utter, pure madness!!!


  1. My only disagreement is that I believe every evolved era of mankind has had reason to inflict violence/warfare/etc on one another– even if just for the sake of claiming a territory, no matter how small.


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