Sound of heaven

A fairy sung a song
beauty of those words
rivers start to flow
flowers start to grow
universe slowed
Just to hear that melodyIMG_0061-0.JPG

35 thoughts on “Sound of heaven”

      1. Wow just the thought they you think that blows me away! Thank you so much! you made my night day and morning! I should be asleep but I can’t! So I’m reading and sharing! Blessings to you!

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      2. Of course, what I am without my vivid imagination and believe in the fairies, the magic of life which surround us 🙂

        Think Frank Sinatra singing

        Fairies have come,
        and let us have their wings to fly
        Wind blow us away,
        Far far, above in the sky
        Clouds come to hug
        Wizards and their rugs
        Just pass by, and
        Fairies have come
        Wine and rum
        flowing in our midst
        Smiles and a kiss
        from you beautiful miss
        to say goodnight and dream


      3. I love that Frank Sinatra, my Pa was a huge Sinatra fan and sang his songs a lot. I was imagining him singing this from heaven. He believed in magical moments like this!! This is beautiful I’m going to add this to my private journal it’s one of those magical moments for me that you never expect! That’s what makes them so special. Thank you so much! I’m always extra peaceful on Sunday and reverent so I don’t miss these special moments! Have a blessed day and thank you for blessing me! 😀

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      4. MM, I am so happy to hear that you have appreciated and enjoyed this small offering. Have a beautiful week! 🙂


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