Human nature

I sense the warm air
Touching my eyes
Opening them to
a beautiful world
Words are not needed
don’t worry about them
Sometimes let the smiles
do their chores
Those lazy cats

20140110-070738 am.jpg

64 thoughts on “Human nature”

    1. I’m sorry if it was an inappropriate question. It was meant more as an expression of wonder and applause than a serious inquiry. What amazing variety and beauty you give everyone!


      1. No it is perfectly fine, I was happy to read what you wrote, as I consider my images quite ok πŸ™‚ and your comment made them extraordinary, I thank you for that πŸ™‚


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      1. Soulless you aren’t my dear,
        fear is the most potent
        of all curses which hold you back,
        in a sack, wishing and wanting
        someone take you out discover
        your strength, your will,
        none will appear, it is you still,
        perfectly fit the bill, to drag you,
        flag you, as the chosen one!
        Only then hoards will come,
        appreciating what you bring,
        your voice how you sing,
        the hymn of life, open your heart,
        close your eyes, aimlessness dies
        And leap for a fresh new start

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      2. Perhaps but courage I lack
        Occasionally taken aback
        When I receive it from some
        People like you who to aid come
        Its more than wounds of flesh
        That take a lot to mend afresh
        Perhaps I shall see a day
        To which my fears give away
        Seek and listen I shall to your words
        Wisdom and strength anewed heard
        Open my heart is to life
        Prepared for patch of strife


      3. Perhaps courage I lack
        Occasionally taken aback
        When to aid people like you come
        And a guiding light become
        Wisdom and guidance I shall seek
        In your words and strength I draw
        Defy I may these fears one day
        And put all these thoughts at bay
        Open my heart is to life
        Prepared for patch of strife

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