Then there was light!

Darkness all around
Devils are abound
Soul searching for redemption
All lost, nothing was found
First word was written
Evils deeply smitten
Human gave them fright
And there was light!
In heavens, on earth
ending good deeds dearth
Showing humanity’s best
Putting faiths to test
Reaching beyond colour creed
billion mouths to feed
the Moment has arrived,
Let cruelty bleed,
Sow kindness seed,
This is where you lead!


24 thoughts on “Then there was light!”

  1. AB when I travel, I have spent many nights in the air reading, wondering, you captured that moment perfectly. Excellent Photo to accompany it. Struck a chord with me. Oh and I wish I could snap photo’s like yours, excellent work.

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    1. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts Gabriel πŸ™‚ for a moment I thought you were going to say that this is your photo I took πŸ™‚


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