Sweat runs, forehead to toenail
Time has stopped in sweltering heat
Chores get accomplished at the speed of snail
All muscles go, all systems fail
How much more do I sacrifice for this pittance!
An arm and a limb, a hit or a cut
Take your given tools, have a go in the rut
Excruciating pain, then you stop abrupt
Thanking your marbles you weren’t born without luck
20140721-091842 pm-76722333.jpg

11 thoughts on “Tools”

  1. It’s incredible seeing the craftsmanship of ancient tools and knowing that these intricate pieces were made out of sheer talent and skill with only simplest tools. Just wow, great photographs!


      1. Absolutely, when people will dig this out in 2000 years they would think we used it for something important or perhaps worshipped it πŸ™‚


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