Mind gremlins

Love those feeble creatures
having it all, real features
elating , distracting, focus
occurrence real or hocus-pocus
airborne to one locus
making life worthwhile
on a journey erstwhile
Words for miles and miles
20140721-123627 pm-45387739.jpg

18 thoughts on “Mind gremlins”

  1. It amazes me how the mind is able to absorb, sift through, and reconfigure large amounts of information, sensations, experiences, and other outside stimuli on a daily basis. It is understandable that we might get distracted by a mind gremlin or two as we go through our day. 🙂

    What beautiful and interesting artwork! I read the tags and enjoyed finding out more about Sadequain.

    Thanks for liking my computer breakdown post and two other recent posts. Apparently, I have some real gremlins around here and not just mental ones! 🙂


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