What do you know about life

Don’t look at me as you have seen a ghost
I wonder loudly
Whether you have seen true life
Here are few questions
to make your brain functioning
Have you seen a still birth
Or a infant death
or cruelty of people when someone is down
Have you lost a friend in an unnecessary war
All are, I am just stating the obvious
What about beating by a racist mob
or lynching crowd running after you
just due to colour of your eyes
I haven’t seen it all
Or perhaps any, what I describe
It just make me wonder
when someone claims
they have figured all out
Mostly they are clueless
in the creative minds
possibilities are endless
Real world however does know that
And why do they care
What is fair or unfair
As long as some greenbacks
attached to a question
it is all fine, don’t
have to stay in the line,
just walk through and smile
I usually digress,
old age does that to you,
in my case however I always did it
these random thoughts
may not come across much
Finesse and such
never come close to my
hard solitary life

53 thoughts on “What do you know about life”

  1. Yea. I know life. There are those who tend to put others down when others are fallen. It’s cruel. I quarrel with the one who put others down. Because I know the miserable feeling.

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  2. wow!! This is serious!!! thank you for opening up my eyes to some things I just would turn my back on trying to live my own life. I wish the world was different where everyone could just be safe and loved. Thank you for having the ability to make art where others only make tears my friend. you have an amazing ability. Thank you for sharing ( And reading)

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    1. Hi Kate, thank you so much, sometimes it is difficult to discern what is being given by whom to who πŸ™‚ perhaps I am the beneficiary here!


    1. Well, let’s keep pushing the message across, few will learn, few will try to learn and rest will ignore and that is ok πŸ™‚ as I don’t know much either so who am I to preach!

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    1. Thank you so much Anna, indeed the world becoming more chaotic, inhumane, and generally less habitable through environmental degradation and population explosion!

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  3. Reality hurts and reality is harsh. The western world places a high value on personal peace and affluence. Don’t disturb my peace and don’t take away my stuff and $ and were fine. Now mess with these things and there will be war.
    Unfortunately, my friend.
    Hope you’re well AB.

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    1. I am very well linda Staci, yes world is lot more difficult and with harsh truths than many of us willing to digest! So some people just wish to living ignorance, retire and die since that is the best way to be part of humanity!

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      1. Awwwwwww, AB. You used Portuguese for such a sweet word. Thank you.
        Have you ever hear the expression, “ignorance is bliss”? Hmmmmmm, maybe they think so, but its a shame. Soon enough some people do finally discover that it’s not really bliss.
        Bless you, my friend.

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      2. Bless you too Staci πŸ™‚ in ignorance is good when you want to protect children from horrors of brutality and gory murders. It is a crime when humanity ignores basic facts.


  4. Extremely powerful imagery and much food for thought. Yes, I have experienced much of what is here. I see little hope of change in a world where money and materialism are valued more than humanity.

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