Fly further and far
In the sky above
Restless being
in search of love

Quest of happiness
sanity and joy
Climb mountains
walk deserts, Why?

Punish your body
scorch your soul
Search and search
Never reaching your goal

then morning bells ring
mind sparrow sings
All this and more
is in your heart, for sure!

20140109-125650 am.jpg

12 thoughts on “Search”

  1. That is very kind of you, thank you for sharing…if your feel it is referring to Moksha…so be it…I don’t write it with a particular religion (Christianity has morning bells, Hindu temples has bells and Moksha beings integral part, Muslims has Fajr Azaan, Sikhs have morning prayers, Shaharit for Jews etc) in mind. My concept was more to call of awakening in the morning when the mind is fresh and new ideas come to light 🙂 I hope this explains a bit…

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  2. I love all bells…those you photographed are beautiful!
    And I love bell sounds…whether a light soft barely-heard tinkle or a deep resonating clash or anything in between. 🙂
    Have you ever heard of Paolo Soleri? His bells are so unique and beautiful.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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