It is eight again
getting late again
tempting fate again
love and hate again

Time is quickly passing
as a matter of apparent fact
enough of this lethargy,
grow up, decide and act

expecting something quite different,
while repeating errors the same,
stop being in naivety lane
or pretending to be extremely lame

hard work, courage, determination
discover new meanings, ways
dishonesty, two faces run away
Good deeds will surely stay

Life being hard, get use to it
worrying will not take you far
enjoy these topsy turvy journeys
accomplish, before ashes in a jar
20140717-082928 am-30568722.jpg

33 thoughts on “Lessons”

  1. Ooh, those ARE some bold and resonating lessons. And I love the accompanying picture. I think complex bridge structures are one of the most amazing and beautiful accomplishments of mankind. A ballet of movement choreographed in concrete.

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  2. Another photo taken from a plane I’m imagining. πŸ™‚
    Oh yes, the big things in life that everyone experiences and grapples with. Life, death, suffering, pain, and how it all comes and goes soooooooo quickly. Gotta make the most of our moments and live for truth. For I certainly believe here and now is just the beginning.

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    1. Dear Staci, you guessed right πŸ™‚ and I admire your true faith for the life beyond, Bravo and may people like you carry this earth to the next realm where peace is the reality and kindness is the essence of all not few!

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