Nature grills sapiens
pertinent requisitions
piercing inquisitions
Humanity ignores
convenience sake
No physical pain felt
No catastrophe of worthy dealt
Till now, till now
Waiting for Armageddon
Setting up earthly Eden
with wasted precious source
created in toxic chimneys
poison gathered
being scattered,
land reclaimed,
new destinations proclaimed
Why run to ruins,
what for, blame who
Unanswered, ignored
look the other way
waiting for
an unscheduled
judgement day

20140716-024358 pm-53038161.jpg

25 thoughts on “Ŷ”

  1. I just happened to post ‘A Dustbowl Poetrical’, a poem I had written in 1973 about the polluting of America. Great coincidence!


  2. My goodness…and I thought the poem I just wrote was on the negative side. You have a lot of heavy stuff here. One is prompted to ask if there is ANY HOPE? (Only for those of faith…all others are, in my view…headed for the Destruction so richly described here!)


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