Thinking through a night

Should I be worried

for things beyond reach
destiny, night beseech
my desire to excel
Calm down says life
if glory doesn’t dwell
in street beside your shack
passion there is no lack
confidence in a big sack
competence rack after rack
just lady, daddy luck amiss
for the better or worse
times are mighty terse
night’s last verse
never lose heart,
around the corner
a brand new start
keep singing, clinging
to hope, fate needs a moment
before it will torment
Keeping a guessing game
like the most beautiful dame
put thousands on a hook
never giving it away
you will most certainly
have your day
Never wonder, it will not matter
never leave dreams in tatters
they will become true
just near dawn, clearing hue
stay the course, unending walk
will result in a destination
not to be missed, fate hissed,
keep your eyes open


21 thoughts on “Thinking through a night”

  1. Wow AB this is very inspirational to me the first thing I read this morning. There is hope for sure of a new start with each sunrise! Lovely photo as always and your words flowed upward and inspired me! Have a beautiful day! ✿

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  2. Reading this soothed my soul…I am going through a lot with trying to sort out where I’m going, and then just telling myself to trust and let go. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

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    1. Hi Jami, stay the course my dear, devilish doubts will push you deep down in despair valley, trick is to trick them and before they know it you are flying to the moon 😊

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      1. Certainly, pretend, manifestly agree with pessimism and show despair but inside be super strong and always keep trying 😊 one day soon you fly away with a mile wide smirk!!

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