Pushing, shoving
punch that face
Blood, gore
Untamed race
Hit for a ball
Drill for a ball
Fit for a ball
even kill for a ball
Strength sapping
Mighty fall
Millions cry
for a mere try
What is this, humanity
Unfettered insanity
No! It the game
warrior spirit to tame
can’t kill sapiens now
can drown them in shame

20140715-063101 pm-66661405.jpg

21 thoughts on “Substitute”

  1. For a while there, it sounded like a Junior High class of students trying to get after a substitute teacher! But better on the ball field, than the battleground. Thanks for showing us “the rest of the picture.” 🙂

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      1. This one is actually about Rugby but it could fit football as well 🙂 am I happy!! Not sure happiness comes from such events, it was a good spectacle and a decent time waste, beyond that no emotions 🙂

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      2. 🙂 though Schweitser was surely punched hard in the face with blood gushing out 🙂 so much for the beautiful game 🙂


    1. M-R actually this one is about Rugby, and the point I am trying to convey is around Humans inherent illogical desire to fight a battle and have blood and gore of its own kind even in the civilised society is just alive and sickly well. I agree it does apply to football equally…


      1. Of course it does. Football’s become just like rugby; and in fact they don’t bite each other in the latter … of course, some have been known to grab someone else’s fundamentals … [grin]


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