Three cry babies – Paris post cards III

Apologies to all, these three images were crying why they were not included so relented, some photos are such cry babies 🙂 happy now 🙂
These babies are called – 1. where are my colours, where are my colours – make up wasted
2. I am not drunk the building is just leaning on me
3. Why so far, did I say something?

20140106-065348 am.jpg

20140106-065355 am.jpg

20140106-065529 am.jpg

47 thoughts on “Three cry babies – Paris post cards III”

      1. Yes I was, I normally stay there, it is very nice hotel, you are definitely allowed to go in, have a nice drink at the post bar and their Post Bar fries are really worth few bites 🙂


      2. I’ll try it on Wednesday before I dash back to Tokyo! And to have a great Lebanese meal near the Sultan Mosque. Middle Eastern food very lacking in Tokyo.


      3. I love Tokyo, amazing 24 hours city, was there few years ago (meant to put a photo blog soon), enjoy your time in Singapore and have a safe journey home 🙂 It is a pleasure meeting you prodigal islander 🙂


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