Paris – postcards II

City of wonder

Fashion thunder

Love’s blunder

Heart pillages

Soul plunders

French antics

Continental tactics

Kisses and kisses

Smiling riling misses

Here I am again

To see and feel vous

Walking without clue

Who I may encounter

20140106-122411 am.jpg

20140106-122425 am.jpg

20140106-122439 am.jpg

20140106-122449 am.jpg

20140106-122507 am.jpg

66 thoughts on “Paris – postcards II”

    1. πŸ™‚ thank you for liking them, re your blog, have the courage/will to change yourself if you really want to change, be it eating, exercise or doing something new! See you around πŸ™‚


  1. Wow, so happy for you …You have so many things going…what a blessing Dear Jacklyn. You will get everything done..and when you finished your will probably say…I did it and wow what a accomplishment ..Again, rest when you can but sure do enjoy yourself to.
    so good to talk to you to ..take care and wishing you all the best, I probably won’t see you for awhile..I probably will try to get to you though. I have to study for my drivers test and it is in 4


      1. Absolutely I love these small errors, keep life interesting, think what would have happened if it was real personal, message of affection and longing πŸ™‚


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