A conversation

Alive with pure emotional fires
Urge and longing to know more
Keep talking, singing each other’s tune
I thought I was immune
Now a leper of heart desires
Only you touch, my saviour

20140228-053540 pm.jpg

74 thoughts on “A conversation”

    1. The flight of fantasy taken by two
      The fairy dust was her not his magic spell
      Fly to the moon oh goddess of words
      There you find the lunatic too
      Scribbling and erasing his random fears
      Hearts and soul filled with tears
      Longing for your presence

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      1. Arriving in billions
        Encompassing my soul
        showing passion
        their undying desire
        Such display of affection
        Never seen
        since beginning of time
        of humble dust that are my words
        as I have nothing else to give
        mon amie please forgive

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      2. The urges may last
        a rainy steamy night
        Sensations perhaps
        a day of passion
        Your words, however
        these flowing gems of Eden
        they will last till eternity
        when hell will be given in my destiny
        for my undesirable sins
        your pure heart’s call,
        your undying desire
        to come to this journey
        of unending words
        will grant me salvation
        on day of resurrection
        I am always indebted to you

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      3. Thank you Audrey, that is so beautiful,

        the soothing words,
        relaxes my flesh
        charred from,
        decades of screams
        I know I know,
        you watch, will be true
        Like your heart,
        like your soul
        I feel sleep,
        my time has come
        Your lullaby will
        put me to bed
        last smile will remind you
        unconditional love
        soul’s unimaginable peace
        While I rest,
        when I am dead

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      1. The question is who is generous here, this amazing girl from the land of the free or this poor immigrant islander….:-) I know very well who is the kindred spirit and who is being generous 🙂


      2. The sweet dreams caressing my eyes
        Your voice giving my solitude a hope
        The day I see you, happiness unfathomable
        Will come, alas, my heart won’t cope
        Throw few rose petals on my coffin


      3. I try to weave simple words in my dreams
        To prepare a Lullaby for the princess or the queen
        Will fumble and fall, tumble and try
        Mere mortal I am, and hopeless it seems


      4. Beautiful 🙂 you write so well AD 🙂 would have given you a hug if you were not in TX 🙂


      5. AD I am well, just woke up 🙂 thank you so much for your lovely words and lots of concern, yesterday timing went all bad from both sides 🙂 let’s not plan again, do something in the moment, that is better 🙂 take care and sweet dreams 🙂


    1. 🙂 good to see you here…yes I found an amazing friend in my journey of discovery who can respond, her kindness has no end 🙂 enjoy her words they are truly mesmerising for a humble soul like me 🙂


  1. I love when vines cover a building! I think it looks so beautiful!
    And conversations with those we love (friends, children, family, lover) are what makes life lovely and fun and and worth living! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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