37 thoughts on “Windows 8 :-)”

  1. Very witty! – although I have posted about my utter detestation of that O/S, and do not consider this wordplay should include a rainbow!
    [grump grump] 😉


    1. Apologies, the image was really beautiful and this was the name which came to my mind 🙂 more than happy to change it to something else if you think of a better one 🙂


  2. I have a question about your blog. I have it set up to receive instant emails when you post, but I don’t get the emails. I see your posts only when I go into My Reader, which I don’t always do if my InBox has exploded with other blog notifications. Do you know why I am not receiving emails when you post? Thanks – Gloria

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    1. Gloria, Many thanks for your interest in my humble blog, WordPress has many quirks and perhaps my posts not appearing in your email could be due to any of the following reasons:
      – you have turned off email notifications when you start following my blog
      – WordPress wish to keep my blog secret from you
      – WordPress staff does not like my blog and conspiring to make it unpopular
      – I am not actually posting and the reader is showing you my posts as that part of WordPress really likes my insanity!

      I hope above clarifies 🙂


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