Day bends
Breaking into a soft
Colourful morn
Heartbeat picks up
the speed
Light moves
Limbs warm
Energy increases
Suddenly there
is life everywhere
End rest
Birds leaving
beloved nests
Looking for
Food and fest

20140109-063237 am.jpg

70 thoughts on “Dawn”

      1. Now whether you believe it or not this I wrote in early Jan and just reposted in the morning without much thinking πŸ™‚


  1. Picturesque. The first phase of morning seems nicer though. When all is still quiet and the energy has still not started spinning us in the capitalist dance. It’s nice for a moment..

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      1. Indeed it, all of you, in you
        and the feeling of peeling
        layer to layer, from
        Orange pink to turquoise blue,
        When giggling dancing you, flew,
        I was ready to hitch a ride,
        with our toes tied,
        to sunny glowing shores of contentment πŸ™‚

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