Disguised as a flower
Gabriel spoke to me
Giving hope of
Showing uncharted territory

Where the heaven
meets the horizon
Trees in the forest
sing in unison
songs of praise
for the nature above

My deeds are weak
My words are hollow
Still the hope
allows me to speak

I go back to my forefathers
honour intact,
head held high
Being true to
my creed

For roaming the earth
Sowing the seeds
of happiness, courage,
for a better world, indeed

AB 3 January, 2014
Photos AB Dec 2013

20140103-053541 pm.jpg

43 thoughts on “Deliverance”

  1. Beautiful photos! So detailed!
    I love your poem!
    I am full of hope and contentment and joy and optimism…and try to sow the seeds. One of my nicknames is Pollyanna. People say it in a not-nice way sometimes, but I hear it has a compliment.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. Pollyanna is a beautiful name, full of optimism 🙂 Appreciate your beautiful thoughts Carolyn, many thank, always stay positive 🙂


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